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soulight started this conversation

DO need to fix your car ?   Find out what is wrong with it ?  Need tutorials and step by step instructions about how to go about car repair ?

Try these resources :




HERE IS A GREAT SITE THAT WILL HELP YOU FIND OUT What is wrong with your car :

It seems like it would make much more sense to keep our cars working if we knew what was wrong in the first place. Plus, when we ask for help with our cars , we can be alot more informed about telling someone else what we thing is wrong. This helps keep us from getting any extra money taken from us for 'extra services" that might be tacked onto our bills.




More ideas and great tutorials that show you ideas for might be wrong with your car and then how to repair it  :












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JonesLady   in reply to bookworm2011
Just a question how do I find where a leak might be coming from and where do I go next if I find one
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I have a 93 Subaru legacy it is overheating I've replaced the thermostat and it worked well for a month or so but it's overheating again I don't know what to do if I have a leak or if I have water pump issues can someone please help me figure out what my issue could be and how to fix it my husband and I both r on disability and have already taken the car to a shop only to have them not do what was asked of them but instead they did a safety check and charged an arm and a leg we can't afford that again any help would greatly be appreciated thank you ?
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marvin danilo
I have a Toyota echo 2000 with a problem that
it has me going crazy..... the first problem is a noise like a whistle
That the first one.......the second problem is when I push the throttle the car
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bookworm2011   in reply to melonychilcote
just a thought, have you checked or had someone check all the hoses to make sure there are no leaks? My condensation hose had competely come off causing my car to overheat also could be something as simple as a stuck can lock in the closed position and keep antifreeze from getting to the radiator..heres how you check, feel the upper part of your radiator hose, once the engine heats up the hose should become warm if it doesnt get hot, the thermostat probably isnt opening up(or you can have someone check this for you)...also you can have a small leak somewhere, you would probably have noticed this by seeing the greenish puddles when you park..even if there is no noticable leak, a mechanic can do a pressure test to find even the tinest leak..My brother is a mechanic..he also told me that a faulty water pump will make your car overheat quickly that the car wont run more than four or five minutes without overheating so this also could be your problem..Other than those reasons, you can try checking for a bad cooling fan or clogged radiator... I hope this helps..
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positive thoughts   in reply to melonychilcote
hi, Did you also check the fluids in rad. Sure your rad can be ok but what about prestone antifreeze. To find out for certain that it is not the thermostat usually can take out put in boiling hot water and if it opens up then you know it is still good but if it does not open than need new thermostat. just make sure your fluids are topped in vehicle.
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my car overheats after driving 5 min. the radiator and thermostat is good, no problem with the head either. its a 98 chevy malibu. please help. i also would like to know how to get some help to pay for the repairs and tags n title. im a single mom trying to become independant. thank you.
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hello i am having trouble with my ac and heat i have a 2004 chevy trailblazer and the heat on works on driver side but not passenger or back where my kids sit it blows out air well cold air now that its cold through the defrost of floor only i replaced temperature actuator, and tried opening bled door manually and the mode door but stilkl acts crazy all my fuzes are good please help.
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my family and i are low income, our 2001 honda civic lx has a major oil leak and we dont know where it is. We cant drive it now and my husband is unemployed, this is really holdimg us back. In january ill have a little bit tgo fix it but im worried it'll be a huge expensive fix, and i dont wanna get cheated by a mechanic i dont trust. Any help?
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young netie
I need help to getting my car fixed my child goes to a school that we have to drive to each and she is doing very well i am happy with her learning and it is very importen that she gets s good education because of me having a learning disabily as well as her missing from the home father. I drive her to she each day and now that my car is down i dont have any money to fix it and this is making me cry and stop being the person i know i can be.
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 in response to Need_yeshua...   thank you for your help!!!
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 in response to granny not getting around...

These links should be helpful.
In Christ,
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I need help with getting my car fixed. i am low income on social security diasability and can't make it trying to fix the car and pay my bills. i have a 2004 chrysler sebring convertible 2.2 motor it needs fixed and inspection and regerstartion. i will help you what ever i got to do to get this repaired . God sent me to write you so can you please help me. I am LynnMarie Martini can you help me . You can reach me at
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 in response to Need_yeshua...   Hi Mike, I would like to pose a question to you in hopes you can shed some light please. Let me know when you would be available regarding you expertise in automatic transmissions. Thanks for your interest in the grater good!!!
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hi im chander im car degainar
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 in response to jjas...

I have additional resources on my homepage on right that may be of assistance.
I will pray on your behalf.
Shalom, love,and blessing's my friend.
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I have an automatic car that will not let me shift into any gear. The clutch vibrates alot and you just cannot get it into gear... Any idea as to what is wrong?
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 in response to jrr...   My name is Kirsten. My family situation is bad, currently. My mother has been sick for the past 7 years, and she gets one Social Security check on the first of the month. We used to have the added income of my step-dad working, but he moved out and now my mom and I have to live on her one check. We don't have a car, so we have to rely on neighbors to take us to the store, but lately that's not been enough. We can't rely on them forever. I graduated from high school this year, and I need to get a job to bring in more income, since I was recently put on probation. The added cost of that is making it impossible for us to save money for a vehicle of our own. We live out in Pleasant Valley, far from the inner city, and since we don't have a car my job opportunities are slim to none. I was wondering if there was any way you could possibly help us out, it would be very much appreciated. If you have any information for me please contact me at or 806-383-4984.
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 in response to RDON...   I need a reliable car to take my grandkids to their doctor's appointments, and to look for a job.
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 in response to greatmove...   Hi, see this and Good Luck
The Original Charity Cars (DBA Free Charity Cars) is a 501-C-3 non-profit charity, EIN 59-3362703. Established in 1996, our founding mission is to provide refurbished donated vehicles to struggling individuals or qualified entities. Considered the pioneers of the free car-ownership concept, our entrepreneurial organization is totally self-sufficient and succeeds without a penny of government funding. Year after year, our charity leads the nation in awarding free vehicles to deserving candidates across America (over 4000), many times paying for the down-payment for auto insurance, as well as the tag, title and registration fees. Additional auto related assistance provided may include mechanical repairs, body-shop repairs, roadside assistance, warranty purchases, parts purchases, rental cars, or even the down-payment for the purchase of a new or used car.

The Original Charity Cars has enjoyed an avalanche of local and national publicity, including being featured Montel Williams, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, and Two Guys Garage. Articles about the program have appeared in a host of publications including People Magazine, Women's World Magazine, Motor Trend, The Non-Profit Times, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Among its many awards, our organization is honored to be a past winner of the prestigious Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award. To apply go to

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I have many medical problems and have to go to doctors three and four timis a week. I have a car that needs major repairs and it cost a lot to get it repaired. I can't afford to get it repaired because i'm on a fixed income. Do anyone know of any person or organization that can repair my car for free,or donate me one? or 423-424-6291. Thanks
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