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Department of human services there in MS can get your car repaired, as long as your working at a job, they may still have funds available for that aand they provide other services too.  You ask for TANF :    

How is eligibility determined for a TANF family?

When an application is received, a worker will conduct an investigation to see whether the family is eligible according to all TANF eligibility factors. The parent or caretaker relative will receive a notice by mail within 30 days telling whether the family is approved for a TANF money payment, the amount, start date, etc.

Factors involved in determining whether the family can be eligible for TANF include:

    Deprivation: The child or children must be deprived of one or both parents by reason of absence, incapacity or unemployment.

    Income: The TANF family's total income must be considered in determining whether the basic needs of the child can be met. Certain income can be disregarded but all must be reported.

    Resources: In order to be eligible, the TANF assistance unit must not own property (other than the home) or have cash or other resources that have a combined value of over $2,000.

    Child Support Requirements: A parent or relative who applies for and accepts a TANF money payment for children due to the continued absence of a parent must assign to the state support rights for the children. The parent or relative must also assist the state in obtaining support from the absent parent, including establishing paternity for children born out-of-wedlock.
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How much will the TANF payment be?

The amount of the TANF payment is based on the family's income. When the income does not meet the TANF Program Need Standard, the family may be approved for a money payment up to the State maximum for that household size. Monthly payments in Mississippi are limited to no more than:

  • $110 for the first person
  • $36 for the second person
  • $24 for each additional person


    Once you are referred to the TANF Work Program, your Case Manager will schedule an appointment for work program orientation and assessment. Your Case Manager will help you make an Employability Development Plan (EDP) to determine the work activities and type of services needed for you to get ready for work and find employment. Your Case Manager can help you with transportation, child care and work related expenses if you need these services to be able to work.

    When you begin the TWP activities, your TANF and SNAP eligibility reviews will also be handled by your Case Manager.

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AM a single mother of three with a low income job and my car need a transmission and i dont have the money to get it fix. Its hard cause i have bills on top of that and my kids have to go back and forward to the doctor and i have no way to get them there i need help.

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 in response to jmh033089...   

I don't have $1,000 , but if you try the first link on this page , you may be able to get a car that way.


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I would like to know if there is a grand that will get me a car or fix the one I have I have 6 kids and I'm on ss and food stamps I don't know the money to fix it I got the car for free if anyone has any information it would be greatly apperatied.


John Hamilron

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I love this site too!

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